ART for INDIA Fundraiser – Results

Thanks to all y’all who attended the Rise Up Art for India event. The third annual event was a shining success. Music for the masses, Drinks as a social lubricant, and Food to keep y’all happy. We met our goal and raised about $11,500!


Click Here to go to fundraiser page -details and photos of the event.

Peace to you all and thanks to our sponsors, donors, friends, family, musicians, attendees, and any one else who gave it up for the cause.

Planet Hair, Eyes on Wall, Klaver Landscaping, Monster Cookies, Kristi Brown Inc, John Thompson Land Surveying, Back Porch Coffee, Denfield Paint, Sage Ways Inc (buy your stuff from these folks).

Jessie & Maria from Rise Up, Mark from Boomtown for the place thanks alot, Tracy for the henna, Nancy for busting her ass, Jan for keeping it organaized, Amy and Cole from Sparrow Bakery, Matt for the sound, Chris Cabot – Lief James – The Autonomics for the music,  Deschutes Brewery, Kebaba, Hot Lips, THE PIE CART thanks for slaving away and making 25 pizzas for the event, Taj Palace, Lavoy Bakery.

Anita – Alex and Bailey for being great supporters, Carrie for your energy, Ron and Erin, Dawn for buying half of the auction items, Tamera, Becky, Jasmine for peddling the canvas, John and Robert for the chai, Jason for laying it down. Thanks to all the artists young and old: Casey, Lori,  Joe K, Joe, Dave, David K, Linn, Bob, Dana, Jesse and Erin, Christopher and Janet, Micheal and Julia, Tom


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  1. As we know that India is famous for TOURISM. There are many things for seen like Historical places, Indian culture, temples,so many of foreign people come here and see these places and because of domestic airline they easily can reach there in different places . Aviation industry is also help in developing Indian Economy.

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